I have drawn since I was 3 years old, often obsessively.

Although I was interested in all cultural aspects of human life, my primary interest was inner and outer space. The Mind or Consciousness, and various tropes from the Golden Age of SF.

A fixation with transformation and metamorphosis was also an early companion and comfort, and a love of such totally immersive play was a window onto a world I now regard as accessible only by shamanic magick.

At school with a cohort of likeminded soul mates,  a grounding in mathematics, science, and literature, drama and of course Art, I thought I was prepared for the upheavals and wonders of the 1970’s.

It is hard to overstate David Bowie’s influence on me, having seen him as Ziggy Stardust in 1973, locked eyes and clasped his hand for an instant, at Birmingham Town Hall. I had sneaked in for 50 New Pence. He was a validator for Science Fiction, for creative growth as a prime directive, and of course as a conduit to so much else, including Warhol, and Crowley. The sacred and the profane. The play of coincidence and synchronicity. Chance. The necessity of The Unknown in all creative acts. I was unmade. I had yet to formally acknowledge how much of an Outsider I really was.

It was these ingredients, including a burning interest in technology and science fiction, that led to a training in Architecture, that ultimately in turn led to a career as a professional performer. I dicovered that narrative, at least for me, was the quantum of subjective thought. Story telling.

Having eschewed being labelled as much as possible, I continued to paint, act and generally try to find my place in the world. Until I literally died in 2013. I had had an heart attack, leading to cardiac arrest, when after 7 minutes of no heart beat, my pulse was restored and then induced coma... The number of people I need to thank, especially in the NHS is very large.

I intended to write a Graphic Novel of my journey, both material and metaphysical in nature. My timeline according to the 'Many Worlds' interpretation of Quantum Theory, had bifurcated at that moment. The  vivid odyssey I had experienced had to be told. It would allow me to use my skills as an illustrator, actor, writer, designer, director and improvisor as part of my exploration. Instead a series of abstract works demanded to be created and subsequently banished before I could proceed....besides, my health issues and level of information processing required for the narrative/illustrative task remained elusive for seven years. 

These first abstract images were on display as part of my installation at Ganapati Restaurant. London SE15 5DF The works are titled NEUROTECTONICS. Closed at this space on 6 January 2017.

NEUROTECTONICS  finished a three month run at 16 De Crespigny Park London SE5 8AF at MRC Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience 18 January 2017.

New works were exhibited at Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel in 2018.

‘Coincidentally’ a restored HD version of Roeg’s film starring Bowie, was released on 9 September 2016, “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. Strangely enough, that’s often exactly how I feel.  The abstract works were compressed versions of my experience in death and induced coma, of which I still have total recall. 

I am now collating 7 years of post death tribulations to fulfill my promise to create my Graphic Novel. Please click on blog.

Shiv. 2020.