Moon Coma

New sciFi based series during death and coma

Jon I'm not only dancing

120 x 90 cm Chromalux on aluminium

Collision C /pangaea-amniotica

doggedly attemting to accrue coherence and connection, using only forward thrust and oceanic ...

Collision B

One of early series based on shattering and fragmentation of connection

Tempering B

ghost in the machine collapses under pressure

Tempering A

Fan bladed skyscraper cooling, machine intelligence

Construction E Photonics 1

First in a series of more sculptural light (consciousness) based works that are more finely...

Construction F Refractal 1

The first barrier in the Multiverse. Tentatively seeking dimensional portals and the struggle...

Construction C

Trapped in my biolological construction in a more reified plane.

Construction A

Testing proprioception, or joints in space and the brain's need for this information. The...

Ignition 1

Compressing and twisting high tech systems to their threshold of existence before igniting a...

Coalescence D

Finally a functioning consciousness artifact moving through the medium of intent.

Coalescence C

The first coming together and testing of a tenuous plan to navigate the sea of another dimension...

Coalescence B

Consciousness held and almost star-like, obtains fusion.

Coalescence A

Imagineering in my floating consciousness, the device I would require to navigate, and puncture...

Ignition 2

The phase change from ignition 1 to the protoplasmic.

Construction B

Extruding from the safety of  grounded form, the bio-components of flight.

Construction D

Acceptance of hybrid strategies, and daring to countenance escape. Clumsy Icarus.